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Stealing Parker

Stealing Parker - Miranda Kenneally I liked this one less than Catching Jordan. While I enjoyed the writing, the characterizations of other females not the MC fell under the category of petty, jealous, catty teenage girls. Of course teenagers can be all those things, but there wasn't one female that was portrayed in a relatively good light. I do get tired of books perpetuating that all women are in competition with one another and the reason a girl isn't liked is because she's prettier, smarter, or better at some particular activity then the rest of them. BLAH. Unfortunately, from the two books I've read, the author seems to develop a pattern of making the MC choose the wrong guy from the start and then realize what a catch she has in a friend. This makes it very easy to identify the "right guy" and the "wrong" one..and makes the book somewhat formulaic. Although, good dialogue and brisk pacing..and unconventional family issues do make the book worth reading.