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Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3)

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3) - Ruthie Knox ***posted as a guest review over at paranormalhaven.com **** Ruthie Knox has a knack for writing ordinary people with interesting flaws and personalities. While I did not love her last book, Flirting With Disaster was a much more enjoyable book, with two main characters that I really grew to like as I read further into the story. You have Katie Clark, a woman who has just left a bad marriage and moved back home to Camelot, to work for her brother, Caleb. The hero, Sean Owens, is a successful businessman who is paired with Katie on a particular assignment.Katie has been hired by musician Judah Pratt to find out who’s been sending him threats. As you’re reading, you learn that Sean has known Katie since she was a teenager and tries very hard to conceal how he feels about her. This, in turn, leads to sending Katie some very mixed messages. As Katie deals with Sean’s hot and cold behavior, she works on the case of Judah Pratt.While I found Katie to be resilient and straightforward, I have to say I loved Sean’s character even more. He’s had a crush on Katie for years, but has never said a word. Part of the reason that Sean has never spoken up about this is that he has a problem with stuttering. Plagued with this issue during childhood, his experience very much shapes the man that he’s grown into today. Although, unbeknownst to Katie, the stutter is worse when Sean is around her. Perhaps due in part to how the character is written, I never felt pity for Sean or thought of him as anything less than a successful businessman. It’s one aspect of his personality, and certainly one he’s worked on most of his life, but he’s not let it define who he is or what he wants.What I love most about the way Ruthie Knox writes is her fantastic ability to turn the ordinary into something very special. There’s nothing new about having a spouse skip town and take all of your belongings while asking for a divorce, yet Katie isn’t hard or bitter. She just moves forward with her life, while dealing with the pain and humiliation of having her ex-husband steal from her. The humor that surrounds the narrative is just part and parcel of why I enjoy the author’s books so much. There were so many moments in the book that made me smile and laugh, and that’s the beauty of her writing. I was rooting for both Katie and Sean throughout the entire book, and I was very satisfied with how it came about.