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Beyond Control (Beyond, Book Two)

Beyond Control - Kit Rocha ****Posted as a guest review over at Paranormalhaven.com****Erotic romance is such a hit or miss genre for me. I discovered Kit Rocha last year when I won Beyond Shame through Goodreads. Kit Rocha is the alias of the two writers who make up Moira Rogers, and Beyond Control is their second book within the dystopian themed world. The book features the leader of the O’Kane gang, Dallas (Declan) O’Kane and Alexa Parrino.Engaging characters, intriguing world building, and unbelievably sensual sex scenes is just a partial list of what makes Beyond Control such a great read. The book is essentially about the struggle between Dallas and Lexi, and watching them fall in love even as you see them testing one another. If you haven’t read Beyond Shame (book# 1, featuring Jasper & Noelle), you can still easily follow along in Beyond Control, but you will miss certain nuances between various characters and I’d definitely recommend the first book for you to read.Dallas is the leader of Sector 4 and within the book, you see how calculated and coldly ruthless he can be. The interactions between him and Lex were stellar. He doesn’t want to be vulnerable, thinks he can’t afford it, but seeing how deeply he cares for her won me over. While you do see him wheel and deal and expand upon his empire, the majority of the book deals with the growing relationship between him and Lex, with fascinating glimpses at other characters here and there. I loved Lex as a heroine. Strong, smart, doesn’t take any b.s. from Dallas, and she helps the women that come to Sector 4 relatively broken stand up on their own two feet. If I could shout from the rooftops what I adore about Kit Rocha’s books, it’d be how she explores the female relationships and you see them build each other up instead of tear one another down. I want to emphasize this because I really don’t see this nearly as much as I want to in the books that I read, or honestly, just life in general.The friendships make the intimacy that takes place between Lex and Dallas, Lex and Noelle, and Lex, Noelle, Jasper, Ace , and Mad ( a 6-way if you count Dallas) all the more real and believable. The intimate scenes never seem to be out of place, although I will offer a slight criticism in that I felt one or two scenes probably dragged on a bit more than they needed to, but on the whole, they fit the tone and pace of the book, and were extremely sensual.I would definitely recommend Kit Rocha if you like erotica romance. I will say I’m extremely picky about what I like in this genre and I find the characters, the sexy scenes, and the world building to be very well done. My only brief quibble (besides the long scene or two) is that the book does sort of feel unfinished at the end. It does conclude, don’t get me wrong, and I’m certain more threads will be expanded upon in upcoming books, but I felt as if I was missing out on something or there was more, but it was cut.