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Taking a Shot (Play-by-Play Series #3)

Taking a Shot - Jaci Burton I know a lot of people like these books. They have some off the charts sexy heroes and downright steamy scenes But this didn't work for me on a couple of levels. They start out already knowing one another, and you know from the beginning of the book that Ty wants more than just one night. So he has to convince Jenna to give him a chance. Yes, give the good looking hockey stud a shot. (pun intended) Anyways, her reasons for not wanting him come across as a wee bit contrived and there was never any doubt that Jenna would relent. She has a great job tending bar, is great looking, has a supportive & loving family complete with professional ball players and is unhappy because she's been too much of a wimp to tell her family she writes & plays music. Because of what is relayed to you at the beginning of the book, it lacks the tension I really like in romance novels and the complete discovery of who the other person is. They're familiar with one another, he knows one of her brothers & future sister in law and thus the developing romance felt rather lackluster. It never felt like a friends to lovers type of trope, just more of I've seen you around, I know the same people you do, and I'd like to bang you b/c you're hot. Snooze alert. Definitely competently written, just wasn't what I was expecting.