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A Wedding in Apple Grove

A Wedding in Apple Grove - C.H. Admirand This is one of those books where I really liked the premise, but boy, the execution and delivery failed on all counts. It clubs you over the head with trying to be cute. Subtlety, thy name is not A Wedding in Apple Grove. I believe, at one point, the sheriff makes a threat to the woman he's interested, equating an internet dating site to pornography. It just struck me as way TOO over the top and corny. This is the book's MO throughout the whole story. And I don't really dig the way they meet. She falls into his arms and gives him a rip roaring kiss after getting "lost in his eyes". This happens the first time they meet. It just didn't work for me. The setup tried to be cute, came off as creepy and desperate instead. The characters just announce how they feel, whether it's done in dialogue or the internal monologue.. and this adds to the lack of subtlety throughout the whole book.The book reads easily enough, the pacing is pretty even.. but I just found it more corny than cute more often than not.