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Night Blade - J.C. Daniels Review coming soon.. but seriously, OMG. If you're in need of UF with action/adventure and a whole lotta heart.. do yourself a favor and read this series :) (The ending made me cry.. and I almost NEVER do that lol)***posted as a guest review over at paranormalhaven.com*** If you’re looking for a solid Urban Fantasy with a fast paced plot and intriguing characters, then J.C. Daniel’s Night Blade just may be the book for you. Night Blade picks up right after the events from Blade Song, the first novel in the Colbana Files. If you haven’t read Blade Song (and I strongly recommend that you do), chances are you may miss out on the story arcs and character developments that happen within Night Blade. Kit Colbana is an investigator who is hired to do a variety of jobs for the supernatural community. After finishing up a job for the werewolf clan, Kit is approached by Banner, or more to the point, her ex – Justin Greaves. The Banner units are sent out to eliminate supernaturals who are believed to be too deadly to live. Prominent non-humans are being killed and Banner suspects Kit’s lover, Damon, the new alpha of the cat clan, of committing the murders. Kit must find a way to keep Damon out of trouble and from being “exterminated” by Banner. I’ll go off topic briefly just to say that what I really enjoyed about Blade Song (Book 1) was the developing relationship between Kit and Damon. Early on, Damon makes a pretty boneheaded move and spends much of the book reassessing Kit and atoning for his mistake. Much of the book is about the two of them getting to know one another and finding love when they did not expect it. And while Night Blade does feature quite a few scenes with them together, the majority of the book is spent with them apart, each focused on their respective goals. Let me just say this, I am not a big lover of the “alpha male.” The domineering personality, overt jealousy, and control issues are characteristics I do not find remotely attractive. But the author does strike such a great balance between the alpha male character traits and softer traits that I find Damon’s character to be pretty palatable, even as I find myself wanting to smack him as Kit does. For me, one of the highlights of Night Blade was the relationship that develops between Doyle and Kit. (Doyle is a young kid that Kit rescued) They had a pretty rough time of it in Blade Song and watching them work through that from the beginning of the Night Blade to the end of the novel had me in tears. Seriously. It takes a lot for me to tear up while reading, but at the end of the book, it’s just about all I damn near did. The last 25 % of the book is jam packed, and while being absolutely gut wrenching, it is a little predictable. Aside from that, this series is spectacular, it really is. I love Kit, with her strength and vulnerability. She’s smart, driven, and is plagued with the past from hell. JC Daniels does a remarkable job crafting a likeable but flawed heroine, the alpha male hero, and great supporting characters that have you interested in their backgrounds and what possible future stories they might have to tell in upcoming books.My rating – 4.5