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Fire Kissed (Shadow Kissed)

Fire Kissed - Erin Kellison With what the book was about, I wanted to like it. I really like the idea of mages, angels, and other fae creatures at war with one another.But I had several big issues within the context of the novel. To me, the whole book came across as slightly detached or somewhat clinical in its present form. I started this book # 4 within the Shadow series never having read another one of the Shadow books. I think this was most likely a mistake. While there are some explanations given, they are brief and retouch on what happened without any great detail as to how it correlates to the situation at hand.The pacing seemed uneven in several parts of the book with me skimming the pages quite a bit and still being able to keep up with different plot threads.Statements like she made him angry and he pissed her off do absolutely nothing for me if there's nothing to demonstrate what the character is doing with that particular emotion. In other words, SHOW me, don't tell me. And its for that reason that I feel like I wasn't right there with the characters, I was watching from afar. (If that makes any SENSE whatsoever lol)