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Sealed With a Curse: A Weird Girl Novel

Sealed with a Curse - Cecy Robson I was waffling between 1 or 2 stars. But 2 stars because the book has a recognizable plot and does follow some logic occasionally. But I hated the book. *shrug* It's like someone took a peek inside my brain, noted what I disliked and wrote a story.I had the biggest problem with the main character of Celia. She was extremely passive for my taste. She only really stood up to anyone when it was her siblings lives/feelings at stake.. but her own? Forget it. And she was way too moony over the two men fighting over her. The tepid love triangle, and I DO mean tepid, wasn't anything to write home about. Personally, I would have selected the EENY MEENY MINEY MO method of selecting a dude for Celia. They both were somewhat interchangeable in that regard.ETA: Although she makes a choice, it still feels somewhat up in the air - I may be proven wrong with the books ahead, but just my take. The pacing is somewhat frenetic, and it did get tiresome watching Celia go from one catastrophe to another.I had more interest in Celia's sisters, but they were sort of in the periphery of the book.. even while being in multiple scenes - I felt as if they were just there to have Celia something to react to/with/against etc.