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Summoning the Night - Jenn Bennett Well I had a review, I don't know where it went.. lolAnyways, Jenn Bennett's first novel, Kindling the Moon, was one of my top favorite debuts of 2011. Her writing style is quick paced, but easy to follow. The visual imagery is outstanding and one of my favorite parts of her books. The characters are engaging and fun to root for.Perhaps to me, what makes Cady an excellent heroine is the fact that she's smart, but doesn't possess super strength/speed/knife/sword waving abilities. She could be a lot of women, but just happens to be a magician.The relationship that she has with sexy demon, Lon Butler, is also a high point. She has doubts and insecurities within the relationship and often times, within an urban fantasy setting and with all those elements that take place in the novel, grounding the book with commonplace issues makes it better and more believable.The novel opens up with Cady going with Lon to figure out what's been happening with the Hellfire club's children and how it correlates to something that took place 30 years ago. The mystery in and of itself is detailed without being hard to follow, and predicting who is behind it.. well lets just say I guessed wrong. LOLI'll just briefly touch on Jupiter Butler. Hands down, within an urban fantasy novel, this is one of my favorite characters period. Funny, with the smart ass tendencies of a teenager along with the vulnerability. Excellently done.. and I'd challenge anyone not to smile when he's in a scene.So, in short, check it out! =)