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Winterblaze: Number 3 in series (Darkest London)

Winterblaze - Kristen Callihan **** guest review over at Paranormalhaven.com**** So if you haven’t read Kristen Callihan’s The Darkest London series as of yet, I would strongly recommend that you give one of her books a try. Dark, suspenseful, and romantic, these books just get better as the series goes on. I was impressed with Firelight, picked up and had a copy of Moonglow signed at RWA last year (it’s my precious) and loved it, but Winterblaze blew those two books out of the water. Winterblaze follows Poppy Lane and her estranged husband, Winston, as they work together to track down a demon by the name of Isley. Recovering from a brutal attack, Winston is horrified to learn that his wife is not what she seems. Wounded and betrayed, Winston leaves Poppy, only to have her track him down aboard the ship he is traveling on. While the two lead characters are already married, this is a story of them learning about each other and finding love (again). Poppy and Winston don’t get a lot of page time in the earlier books, so it truly came as a surprise at how much I loved the two of them together. Poppy is logical, matter of fact, and very straightforward when it comes to her dealings with the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals but not nearly as much so when it comes to matters with her family. As Winston nurses his anger at Poppy for keeping secrets, we learn that she’s not the only who has been concealing important information. The book uses flashbacks to illustrate Poppy and Win’s courtship (again, not one of my more favored literary devices), and back to the present with them demon hunting together. The flashbacks are interspersed smoothly and really do an excellent job of demonstrating the feelings between Poppy and Win. As you go through the flashbacks, you learn that Winston made a horrible deal with a demon in order to win Poppy over, albeit unknowingly. When the demon comes to collect, he asks for Winston to find a woman by the name of Moira Darling. The price, should he fail, is unthinkable. I only have the slightest beef with how the side characters of Jack Talent and Mary Chase are set up. They’re obviously the couple to be featured in the author’s next book, but I didn’t find their characters to be given any sort of real depth and that left me a little disappointed. On the whole, I really loved Winterblaze. The novel left me wanting more of the Darkest London stories, and that’s how I want every book I read to end.My rating 4.5