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Season for Surrender

Season for Surrender - Theresa Romain I found this story to be pretty boring in all honesty. The book suffered greatly from a lack of pacing and the middle of the book meanders for quite some time. I, never at anytime, felt that the main characters had nothing but only the slightest of obstacles to overcome. For me, this lead to the feeling that the story lacked urgency and excitement. The pairing of the two main characters, the Earl of Xavier and Louisa Oliver, felt rather lackluster and comfortable. Kind of like an old shoe. The dialogue wasn't anything to write home about, and the evil villain comes across as stupid and petulant. He never showed any sort of depth of character. Which, I suppose, is somewhat understandable.. but just added to my feeling that the story was somehow lacking. The ending does pick up the pace somewhat, but I never felt like that made up for the beginning and middle parts of the story.