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Chosen By Sin (Para-Ops 3)

Chosen By Sin (Para-Ops 3) - Virna DePaul Poorly formatted, formulaic, predictable, and a TSTL heroine. Full out LOL worthy love scenes. Really, don't compare a man's penis to a metal pipe. Just DON'T. The heroine lies to the hero again and again.. and hey, SURPRISE, she lies again. I'm all for conflict between the two main characters, but all of the surrounding drama felt contrived and asinine. There is a particular plot point in which the hero does not want a certain something to occur (and it's stressed how much he goes to extreme lengths to avoid this)but of course, the UNWANTED thing occurs.. There's another scene where the hero is with his fuck buddy, but starts imagining our fair heroine. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure this is pretty realistic to some degree, but it still is a turn off. And it happens with ANOTHER male character. WTH? They're not really banging the women they want. I have to admit, this does not endear me towards the characters. It actually evokes a fair amount of disgust. The love scenes were either giggle or cringe worthy. Between the two main characters, I didn't feel any emotion other than lust and so it felt rather unbelievable when the author tried to make it seem like it was so much more. The heroine's actions and how she kept lying to the hero made the romance just that much harder to swallow. The fact that she never came clean, only tried to explain when her actions were outed. That's not how you treat someone if you love them. Sorry.I really liked the world building and ideas that set in these books rather than the actual characters. I enjoyed the last two books, but I wasn't wowed by any of the characters.