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Knowing the Score

Knowing the Score - Kat Latham This was an impulse purchase because I'm loving contemporary romance at the moment... and this didn't quite hit the mark for me. 1st - was quite a bit darker than I had originally anticipated, even after reading several reviews.. and didn't really enjoy Caitlyn OR Spencer. How the abuse was weaved throughout her story just seemed a little "off" to me.. and did come across as a little contrived. Honestly, it's not like there wasn't enough conflict in there to begin with. Her job, Spencer's past w/ those allegations of rape, and the limited time on her visa all struck me as reasonable obstacles to a relationship w/out having the abuse stuck in there to add more conflict.The voice was so-so for me. Not grating, but not super engaging either. I guess I was expecting more charm rather than the heaviness of a couple of subjects.. and that expectation might have lowered my enjoyment of the book if I'm being totally honest.Would I read more in the future? I don't know. The writing is competent enough.. but her characters and the story bugged me in different ways.