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All Summer Long (Fool's Gold Series #9)

All Summer Long - Susan Mallery This book pushed a number of buttons and not in a good way.- Horrible, selfish, bitchy mother. Check- Model gorgeous hero paired with the not so lovely heroine. Check-Dealing with the trauma (ie : rape) came off contrived and with no setbacks or qualms about intimacy (after a couple of "close encounters" - the heroine- YAY I'm ready to hop in the sack) except to rail at her mother for not believing her about the rape. (WHICH in itself.. TONS OF different ways to demonstrate how horrid the mother is..but yet this is brought up multiple times within the story)While reading this, the reactions varied from "Oh please" "WTF?" and SERIOUSLY? *headdesk* I've purchased books from this author and have been MORE than happy with the other books.. but this one. NO. Just NO. AWFUL.