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Dark Light of Day

Dark Light of Day - Jill Archer This reads like a YA. A really weak one. IIRC... the heroine is 21 years old. There are things I really enjoyed about the book. The author has a strong voice, the ideas of humans and demons interacting, having gone to war, and now the humans have to worship demons of their choosing is a unique twist on the plethora of demon books out there.Noon Onyx is a 21 year old that's been born (or cursed depending on how you look at it) with the powers of waning magic. That's normally a power that's usually associated with males instead of females. This is not discussed at length.. and left me wanting to know more about her family.How she meets and develops a relationship with Ari Carmine is THE weakest and biggest part of the book. We first meet Ari when they're on a ferry together. Noon has been having her friend Peter help suppress her magic for years. But Ari can tell what she is immediately.. although this isn't revealed until later on in the book. Noon and Ari are both attending St. Lucifer's Academy where you're supposed to "declare" your magic and learn the ins & outs .. as well as learning more about the demon world. Now, Ari, being the good guy that he is, realizes what Noon is.. and decides to threaten or "declare" her since she will not do it herself. She storms off in a huff but later decides to forgive him. Now hold the fort please. If some guy whom I'd met ONCE before on a boat decides to threaten or take away my decisions from me, my response isn't going to be storming away in an angry huff. I'm going to take the beat stick out and yell," IT'S CLOBBERING TIME!!!" before I start in on his dumb ass.In lieu of actual character development, both Ari and Noon have demon marks which allows the other to know what the other is feeling/thinking. Because.. hey, conversations.. who cares? Let's introduce a supernatural solution that lets the characters just automatically know what's going on. Ari comes across as a manipulative bastard that thinks he knows what's best for Noon and acts accordingly. And Noon.. while occasionally expressing dismay, comes to accept this. She always submits to him, and boy howdy, did I get tired of watching this routine happen throughout the book. I really have mixed feelings. The ideas are solid, if a bit overly detailed at times, the voice is strong.. but I didn't care a whit for the characters. The book reads quickly.. and the structure is there.. but I must express my hate for the idiocy of Noon. She doesn't resemble a 21 year old self sufficient heroine. She's a teenager. A YOUNG one.