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A Most Scandalous Proposal

A Most Scandalous Proposal - Ashlyn Macnamara Won this copy through Goodreads First Reads.For what it's worth, I enjoyed the storyline, however I thought it was a tad bland and it would've been a much better book if the 2nd story (Sophia - Julia's sister) had been the main focus. Don't get me wrong though, Sophia's story takes up quite a bit of page time as well.. and this factored into why I thought the book could have been stronger.Julia St. Clair has no interest in marriage and is content to be thought of as "on the shelf". Her mother, however, has plans that say otherwise. Mrs. St. Clair aims to get Julia married off to the Earl of Clivesden, the man her sister Sophia is pining for. Due to a couple of innocent but embarrassing incidents at a party, Sophia is now being courted by Rufus Shelburn, the Earl of Highgate otherwise she will be ruined.Had the storyline focused mainly on Sophia coming around to being courted by the Earl of Highgate and learning that her dream man is not the man she wished him to be, I thought it would’ve been a much stronger than Julia evading marriage and using her friend Revelstoke to do so.We’re told that they are long-time friends, but I didn’t get any sense of intimacy or deep friendship from the two of them. Clivesden is painted as the villain from pretty early on, so any characterization on his part is pretty shallow and one note.I thought the developing relationship between Sophia and Highgate is where the book shined. You see her start off as a pretty, shallow girl and learn that this well mannered, but less attractive man is the right one for her. Highgate is portrayed with depth and wisdom, slowly courting Sophia and having her come to the realization that she has caught the better man.Julia, by contrast, comes across as stronger willed, but just as spoiled and sheltered as her sister. I couldn’t see exactly why Revelstroke wanted to marry her other than not to have her marry his villainous friend.I thought the book came across as pretty bland. Likable yes, but very forgettable.