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Home Fires - Lois Greiman Won through Goodreads First-Reads.My biggest problem with this book was my perception that it was a romance. I didn't find this to be the case AT ALL. If I had to choose how to market the book, I'd put this firmly under chick lit, or literature if I absolutely had to.. because the "romance" in this book was pretty pathetic.The lack of focus on Casie and Colt Dickenson did contribute to my feeling somewhat buffaloed while reading. There are some scenes that take place, but there is also a huge focus on the secondary characters as well. And by secondary characters, I not only am speaking of the pregnant teen, the runaway, and the older gal that comes to stay, but HORSES ladies and gents.What really frustrated me was how the horses served as a catalyst to jump start a conversation or discovery about a particular character. No one could just sit down and be straight forward with one another. Oh ho, NO way jose. There has to be a sick horse, a horse in peril, or someone ON a horse for the characters to make any headway with one another.I really wish I was kidding when I mentioned that dig about the horses, but sadly I'm not. They feature into quite a few scenes. I think I made a couple of mentions of it as I was updating my reading.I also wish there had been more set up with Casie and how she came to be this halfway home to all these teenagers. I wasn't satisfied with the book's explanation and that also contributed to my crankiness when reading through the book.Frankly, there weren't enough scenes between Casie and Colt to make me care if they made a go at being a couple. All they did was exchange innuendos and fight. I was tempted not to finish the book.. but it generally was an easy read, just not a particularly interesting one.