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Blood and Magick - James R. Tuck ****Posted as a guest review over at paranormalhaven.com***** As of late, I haven’t had a lot of luck reading many UF’s or PNR’s where you’re able to start midway through the series without being lost at sea when it comes to various elements within those novels. As such, James R. Tuck’s Blood and Magick comes as a welcome relief in this regard. This is book number three within the Deacon Chalk novels and it’s definitely worth checking out if you like your urban fantasy jam packed with lots of action, gore, and bizarre monsters. The action gets started pretty much right off the bat. Deacon Chalk is having dinner with his girl Tiff, only to be interrupted by witches that go by the name of Wrath of Baphomet. Chaos and violence erupts as the witches attempt to make a bloodbath out of Deacon and the rest of the hapless dinner guests. It is explained that Deacon once got a transfusion of a blood from an Angel, so he’s not quite human, and a lot tougher to kill than most mortals. The author manages to work in details from earlier books, so that if you’re just tuning in, you’re not left behind. He does this well and all throughout the book.When Deacon comes to after the fight, he meets Special Agent Silas Heck from the Occult Crimes Investigation Division. Suspicious is Deacon’s middle name, well, it’s not really, but it should be. He’s pretty much coerced into working with the federal agent after being shown footage of the carnage that took place with the witches from the Wrath of Baphomet. The feds want to make the witches disappear and Deacon is their best bet. During the aftermath of the fight, Deacon learns one of his friends has been keeping a pretty big secret from him, and this secret is what the witches were after.Like many urban fantasy protagonists, Deacon comes with a tragic past that continually haunts him, but he’s worked at moving on, with the help of his new girlfriend Tiff. I thought one of the best parts of the entire book were the scenes that showcased how much they loved and cared for one another. The action scenes, in all honesty, came across as slightly over the top and rather campy. They go on for several chapters at a time, and while the chapters are pretty brief, it just got a little tiring to read after a little while. It really made me focus on when he wasn’t involved in fighting and those were the parts of the book I liked the most.If you like Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden or Kevin Hearne’s The Iron Druid Chronicles, then you may like Deacon Chalk. There’s humor, action, and all sorts of bizarre monsters. Not to mention weres. There were a great many mention of Weres. Were gorillas, were polar bears, even a brief mention of a were T-Rex. It’s one of those things that struck me a slightly ridiculous, but again, that’s just me. Overall, it was a fun read, but definitely not without its issues.