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Stone Cold Seduction - Jess Macallan 2.5 stars***This is posted at Paranormalhaven.com as a guest review***I picked up Jess Macallan’s Stone Cold Seduction thinking that it sounded like a good mesh of UF and PNR, plus it included elves! I’m a huge lover of elves, one of my top favorite series of all-time has an elf heroine. Unfortunately, the book itself has more clichés than you can shake a stick at.Elledora Fredricks makes her living by selling perfumed soaps at her shop while stealing from her rich, evil father at night. She’s at her father’s estate, in the middle of a “job”, when she runs into one of her employees, Jaxon West. Precariously perched on a ledge of eight inches, we’re treated to Elle ogling Jax as if she’s run into him on the street. After nearly being discovered out on the ledge by her former tormenter and father’s right hand man, Luke, Elle beats a hasty retreat. When Elle returns home, Jax starts badgering her with questions about her abilities and her best friend, Teryl shows up conveniently for certain revelations to be made. We come to find out that Elle is the daughter of the Shadow elf King and she shares certain abilities that her father possesses.I will say this, the book reads very easily. The dialogue flows, there’s humor and interesting creatures other than elves to be found in Stone Cold Seduction. My problems stem from the clichés that pop up throughout the story. The newfound (and growing) powers that Elle accepts pretty much without question, the men that want her, and the dastardly father that would like his own daughter dead. I would’ve liked to have seen more development with her and Jax rather than her just jumping into bed with him, but that’s my preference as a reader, not so much a flaw with the narrative.Elle is tasked with finding a particular oracle and learning about her fate. Along with going to Scotland on her quest, she is also avoiding the hunters that are out there looking for her. Elle has inadvertently been stealing souls that are locked inside various articles and jewels, and she’s wanted by the King of the Shadow Elves, the gargoyles, and assorted otherworldly creatures. She has to deal with Teryl and Jax keeping pertinent information from her at the time when she needs it the most.I appreciated the flashbacks of the memories with her father, I wish there had been more of them included throughout the book. It gave me a better picture of her father and how she came to despise him, but the glimpses that I saw were few and far between. The pacing throughout the novel is pretty well done, and I can see how this would appeal to many fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.My rating 2.5