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Pros and Cons - Jenna Black **** reviewed as a guest post over at Paranormalhaven.com **** Pros and Cons is a novella set in Jenna Black’s Descendant series. If you haven’t read her series before, this might be a good place to start, although I did have some frustrations with the novella itself. Nikki Glass is a private investigator as well as a new member of the Liberi, a group of immortal descendants from ancient gods. Nikki is hired by a woman, Heather Fellowes, to track down a man she met in a bar. Nikki has a feeling that she’s being lied to about why Heather wants to track him down, but she accepts the case readily enough and goes to work on tracking down “Doug” from the bar. The more Nikki delves into the investigation, the more she becomes aware that Heather lied and the woman who is playing the part of the possibly expectant mother is nothing more than a con artist that likes to set up men and blackmail them for easy money. I won’t recap the whole story, but a big part of my irritation with this novella is that it’s talk, talk, talk and wait, more talk! I have no doubt that realistically, a big portion of a PI’s job is nothing more than tracking down leads and talking to everyone involved, whether they have a starring role or not. But it doesn’t make for a very exciting read. I recall at 50% into the book wondering when anything but yakking was going to take place. There are vague references to Anderson, the leader of the Liberi, and events that took place in Deadly Descendant, the 2nd book in the Nikki Glass series. I don’t think this novella does any justice to the series if I’m being frank. The lack of action, the lack of interaction with Nikki’s love interest, her sister, the rest of the Liberi, left me rather cold and wondering what the entire point of the novella was. In the later part of the novella, one of Nikki’s cohorts, Jack, a descendant of the god Loki, makes an appearance to help her catch the bad guy, but for me, it was too little, too late. Typically, the Nikki Glass series has action, humor, a bit of romance, and unfortunately, this novella was missing all three.My Rating – 2.5