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Beyond Shame  - Kit Rocha Ok, first off, to disclose I won a copy of Beyond Shame through First Reads. I'm not a huge connoisseur of erotica, but when I found out that Moira Rogers (aka Kit Rocha ) was writing it, I found myself unable to pass up the opportunity to read it.4.5 stars.Kit Rocha does an excellent job creating a cast of characters that are both intense, yet fun, and as sexy as the male characters are in this book, it's the females that really sold me on this book. Noelle Cunningham comes to Sector 4 as a sheltered female that hasn't really seen the ugliness that lives outside of the walls of Eden. To my mind, she has kind of a bambi esque type of quality to her, but she's never portrayed as stupid or willfully ignorant. Lex, Rachel, and Amira are women that Noelle befriends as she's living in Sector 4 with the permission of Dallas, the leader of the O'Kane gang.The friendships in this story are one of the best parts of the whole novel. The women are extremely smart, straightforward and supportive of one another. This is such a change from the otherwise catty behavior one might observe in romance novels of any type.. especially where men are involved. Friendship is an intimacy of its own however, and I think this translates extremely well when it comes to the sexy parts of Beyond Shame. It's more believable, more satisfying in a way, because you see them interacting in friendly, intimate ways outside of the bedroom so to speak. ( Or I guess you could say Club, dance floor.. wherever the intimacies are taking place)Besides Jasper and Dallas, there are some supremely hunky men that make their appearance in Beyond Shame, and I cannot wait to hear their stories. I'm clamoring for Bren.. I want his story like yesterday. :D I wasn't as enamored with Jasper as I was with the supporting cast of characters. To me he just didn't *pop* as much as the others did, but those are just my thoughts.I've read erotica before where the sexy parts come across as boring or mechanical, if not downright painful.This is NOT that book. The sexy bits are very,very well done. Extremely steamy and sensual, with the ability to leave you breathless!I wished for a little more backstory on the different sectors and how they came to be, but as this is only book # 1, more may be revealed in the upcoming books.