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Elly in Bloom - Colleen Oakes This book frustrated me on several levels. I don't necessarily think the writing is bad.. but the character development.. blargh. I don't think much of a heroine who needs to have people help pick herself up everytime something does not go according to plan. For someone that runs her own business, this is a rather serious flaw. I did get tired of watching the heroine break down time & time again. Like many women, both in real life and literature.. her self worth seems to be tied in to her appearance. I know this phenomena isn't going away anytime soon, but one can hope I suppose.Dating a guy for some months.. with the only intimacy allowed is kissing? I dunno. The author does show the guy getting frustrated, but backs down and lets the heroine steer the relationship. *My* own personal perception is that a lot of men would either get tired of this quickly or find something on the side so to speak.