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Unlikely Allies - Tiffany King My problem wasn't so much the storyline as the characters. The characters screamed Mary Sue. 17 years old and seemingly perfectly adjusted. Takes to the mountains extremely well for never being outside of california (yes I know California has mountains.. but within the context of the book.. it is understood that she is rather out of her element) , makes friends no problem, beautiful, easy-going. The only *thorn* in her side is the cute guy who is rather snotty to her and calls her "Beach Bunny". And we all know why that is. Little time is actually spent with her father, which I thought was the whole point of actually going to the camp in Colorado.. but whatever.The characters all are pretty one dimensional. As far as the storyline goes, while realistic in the sense that I could see it happening, how the 17 year old Kimberly acquits herself in a dangerous situation is better than just about any adult who hasn't had a fair amount of camping/hiking experience would.. and it felt rather "off" to me.The ending wasn't much better.. with everything tying up too neatly.. esp. with her dad and mom. Good potential but sloppy execution.