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Fury's Kiss - Karen Chance Not a badly written book by Chance, but it does have flaws which hindered my enjoyment of the book. I was waffling between 2& 3 stars, but the ending does give it that final push which upped the ante.I should note that I read this series because I enjoy the extensive worldbuilding by Chance and the characters that we see on the periphery within the Cassie Palmer books. These books are somewhat more grim with less humor infused into them. (That's not to say it's not there, because it is, it's just more muted and less lighthearted than the CP books)Part of what I find problematic with Chance's writing (within both series) is that it's go, go, go. The frenetic pacing of the scenes from one crisis to another just wears on me. Even within scenes that are meant to slow the action down, there's drama to be had.. (with her roommate Claire or Louis-Cesare) and it just gets tiresome. So tiresome at times, I had a hard time finishing the chapters. I was just annoyed and wanted it to be over. And it never is.I did appreciate the glimpses into Mircea's background. I never think he gets enough page time during CP books and I loved learning more about him. Kit Marlowe as well.. although his actions within the book had me reevaluating my love for the vampire senate.Dory is not my favorite heroine. At all. Pain does not necessarily equal complex. And frankly, I don't think she's a complex character, even with the revelations at the end of the book about her nature. I would have expected more growth from her character and it's just not showing. While I am becoming more disenchanted with Cassie Palmer, there's more to root for there, at least, for me.I wasn't a big fan of the flashbacks of memory, but to be REALLY honest, I have a harder time reading in italicized fonts.. and that's how the book presents the flashbacks. So maybe that's me being cranky.. lol.I'm not enamored with Louis-Cesare.. but I think that's due to how Chance presents him. Dory refers to his build and looks several times within the book and I'm like enough already. I KNOW what he looks like..focus more on other things about him if you please.Not sure if I'll be picking up the next book.. although I was pleasantly surprised at the ending of the book.. the middle was pretty damn hard to get past.