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Not Proper Enough - Carolyn Jewel Not Proper Enough is the tale of Lady Eugenia Bryant and the Marquess of Fenris.. or "Fox" as he instructs Lady Eugenia to call him. These two characters are briefly introduced in Jewel's previous novel, Not Wicked Enough.I have been trying to pinpoint exactly why I think these books are very appealing and a fast read as well. There is a decided lack of inner monologues that I find immensely appealing. That is not to say that there isn't any introspection, there certainly is; it's just that the novel isn't bogged down with the inner musings of the titled characters in every single chapter. Jewel does a fine job at pacing the story and using the scenes and conversations between the two main characters to reflect the thoughts and actions of said characters.In general, I am very fond of the trope of finding yourself attracted to someone you that have no business of having feelings for, or even someone that you don't honestly like. I like the inner turmoil and how they eventually reconcile themselves to having feelings that are not in line with what they had felt before.There is one scene in which Fox is relating to a friend his past history with Lady Eugenia and I have to say it blew me away. It made my gut clench and I had to stop and the put the book for a bit (ie: a couple of days actually). It's rare, for me, to have a book evoke a memory that strong that it takes me out of the story for a bit. I'm used to smiling or laughing if I come to a good bit..but recalling something that's happened previously because the author does an incredible job of making a certain scene nuanced and poignant.. well that's a gift. And Bravo, Ms. Jewel.If I had any qualms about the novel in particular, it'd be the character of Hester (Lady Eugenia's charge to watch over) and Fenris's father, the Duke. But that's mainly my issue. When the subject of botany comes up in anyway shape or form, I get visions of my mom (who's a plant & gardening fiend) telling me what is Platanus occidentalis (ie: Sycamore tree) and what isn't. The subplot with Hester and the duke isn't particularly subtle.. and it's easy to see the direction that it's going .. so really, I suppose, that's my chief complaint with the entire novel. If you haven't read Not Wicked Enough, I'd say you should definitely check it out..it just adds an edge of layering to the story around Not Proper Enough. Oh.. and I won a copy of the ARC through a blog contest on the author's website.