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Ours is Just a Little Sorrow - Gwen Hayes Maybe more like 3.5 stars. I'm a little conflicted. While I do believe the voice is strong and there were certain plot elements that I really did like (as in the idea of the planet New Geneva) but when you reach from different genres (science fiction, steampunk, historical romance) and mix them together.. it comes out rather odd. The undertaking of combining several genres into one novel was pretty ambitious, but I felt as if it never quite made it. I never bought into the steampunk like elements with the gadgets. They were totally forgettable and while there was a scene at the climax of the novel involving inventions & gadgetry, it was never given anything more than bit of a lip service at the beginning of the book.There were a couple of characters that came across as pretty cardboard, only to serve as a foil for both the hero and heroine. (The Colonel being one of them)I know this was a shorter length book, but I wish more time had been given to delving into New Geneva as a whole. I was totally on board with the ideas that came around the necessity of New Geneva and was rather disappointed that I wasn't given more information.The romance was amicable. I applaud the heroine's strength and pride, given the humble beginnings of her background and was always rooting for her as opposed to the hero.