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Not ANOTHER Cliffhanger! D'oh

Tempt the Stars  - Karen Chance

To be posted as a guest review in the upcoming week(s) at paranormalhaven.com

Karen Chance’s Cassie Palmer series has been one of my favorite UF series for a long time, though truth be told, I’m not sure how much longer that will hold to be true.  For readers that are fans of Mircea – I have to warn you, he’s barely in this book. BARELY.  I’m not distressed by this as I happen to be a fan of the notoriously bad tempered war mage, John Pritkin, but the ending to Tempt The Stars had me seeing red.


To recap briefly from the end of Hunt The Moon, Cassie decides to ride to Pritkin’s rescue after he risks his freedom by saving her life.  He’s taken back to Hell and his demonlord father, Rosier.  She comes up with a kind of half ass plan to go back in time to get information from her mother on how to retrieve Pritkin from his powerful father, but in Cassie’s world, things don’t exactly go as planned.


As usual in a Karen Chance novel, the pace is fast and the action non-stop.  I’m getting a little frustrated with this series because Cassie’s growth as Pythia is slow going at best.  She’s still kept in the dark about her powers from the people that surround her and she has the tendency to charge pell mell towards a solution when she doesn’t necessarily have all the facts at her disposal.   Where the books have managed to captivate me however, is the relationship that’s developed between Cassie and Pritkin.


He sees Cassie at her worst, and rarely at her best.  Whether she’s under attack, in training for some sort of magical battle, or near death, he’s just there for her.  He tries to guide her, teach her and is somehow always completely surprised and frustrated when she fails to follow his orders.  He knows she’s not a pet to be kept, and you ‘ve seen him struggle with how he feels about her in previous books.  In Tempt The Stars, you get to see Cassie struggle with her feelings and her failure to verbalize how she feels about him in three little words.  It was both frustrating and poignant at the same time.


The situation becomes pretty hairy when Cassie braves Satan’s doorstep (her words not mine) to rescue Pritkin, armed only with Pritkin’s fellow mage, Caleb, vampire Casanova and their guide, Rian. The constant non-stop action of the story tends to make me a little tired while reading through it, but the author sprinkles much needed bits of humor throughout the dialogue and descriptions.  Cassie does, indeed, rescue the war-mage Pritkin, only to have him yanked away again. 


It ENDS on yet another cliffhanger, so reader, be ye warned –  While I very much enjoy the Cassie Palmer series, the cliffhanger endings are becoming somewhat aggravating, at least, for this particular reader.