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Unusual or fun ideas do not necessarily make a great read.

The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter - Jillian Stone

And I feel bad, because I requested directly from the author. She was nice enough to send me a copy of the book.


But Blergh.  Erotic steampunk romance. Well, taken separately, I like all three of those genres. Together, it was a mess.


All I got was insta lust from both the hero and heroine.  There aren't more than several pages ( to be clear, I only made it about halfway through) where the hero and heroine just chat or  have thoughts that don't involve around fucking the other person.  This is a series where I believe you'd have to read the first two (Dr Exeter is book 3) to get any sort of emotional connection between the couples. Otherwise, it comes across as just lust. Lust is good. Can be great in fact. But when it's the ONLY thing, it gets downright boring.