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Hello, I'm NA/ROM SUSP and I'm a HOT MESS

Forgiving Lies  - Molly McAdams

Dude. Won this through Library Thing. That'll show me. Winning a book. I've been traumatized.


Also, I'd like to warn folks that this DOES end on a cliffhanger. I was not aware of this going in, so that did change my perception of the book quite a bit.


It starts off as pretty standard NA fare.  Rachel lives with her roommate Candice and attends Univ of Texas at Austin. Her parents died a few years back, and she's been pretty much attached to Candice ever since.


She's also been crushing on Candice's cousin Blake for years. When Blake finally takes notice of Rachel she's not quite sure how to respond to this about change of face.


Fast forward some pages. Ahem. Blake doesn't take Rachel rejecting his advances well, and tries to force himself on her. (Typical fare for an NA - or at least those I've read) When Rachel tries to share what Blake did to her w/ Candice, her beloved roommate tells her she's lying and she doesn't want to hear it.


Ah well.  If I had to live with someone that didn't believe me when I told them I was attacked, I don't know that I could be so easily cowed as Rachel is.  Should I feel sorry for Rachel? Or be mad that she's a pushover and lets Candice dictate their interactions? I'm both.


Enter Cash with a K. or Logan. Whatever. The book *TELLS* you that he's a cop, but honestly, the dude could have been a bartender. an IT guy. Because there really wasn't a lot made out of his job other than to say he was "undercover".


He's also not very observant. Probably NOT a good quality in someone that's going undercover yes? He doesn't pick up on Rachel's mixed signals when it comes to being intimate. His roommate, err, I mean, fellow undercover cop has to clue Logan in.


Fast forward some. The "I love yous" come pretty easily, and at this point, I'm not very invested in either Rachel or Logan, but I'm at the halfway point and figure what the hell.  I’m already this far in. Can’t stop now. (Though really, c’mon, I should have)


It starts to veer from NA into Romantic Suspense. *head desk* I’ve had some luck with NA’s, which is why I requested Forgiving Lies.. but dammit, I don’t like romantic suspense. At all.  Blake turns up again and scares Rachel.


There’s a marriage proposal. Wheee!! Lying to your lady love, asking for your hand in marriage – but wait, how does that work? I’ll get back to you!

Oh god, the book turns into a hot mess.  Rachel, Blake and Kash, I mean Logan.. Blake has been stalking Rachel – threatens to harm everyone she loves – so she’s forced to leave with him. But don’t worry, the keystone cops are on the case.


*shakes head*  Certain things are resolved, and then other things happen. IT ENDS ON A CLIFFFHANGER.