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Nope. Another DNF

Sweet Surrendering  - Chelsea M. Cameron

I'm having a streak of bad luck with books this past month and I'm hating it.  The author has written a couple of NA books which I've enjoyed, and I think she has a very decent voice.


Where did it GO? Because it sure as hell wasn't present in this novel.  It was like Sex in the City - only, without the funny.  And I'm not a huge fan of that show, although it did have an amusing moment here & there.


But both characters were vapid, self absorbed, (MUCH LIKE THE TV SHOW) and there was so much emphasis on fucking that I quickly grew bored.   And there's this one scene where the female MC meets up with a guy she hasn't seen in years, and starts telling him her business including sleeping with her assistant.


Dude. REALLY?  How she's represented in the book doesn't match up with the character's actions.  I'm supposed to believe she's a smart, savvy, sophisticated woman when she just spills personal details of her life with a dude she doesn't know and hasn't seen in years? Because she's impressed he's lost his oddball looks and he flirts with ease?


Yeah, NOPE.  Christ, I make bad book choices. That needs to be a gif, like now.