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What? I can't even.. DNF

Random Acts of Trust  - Julia Kent

I bought this for .99.. but have to say, I feel cheated having spent that much.



So basically in a nutshell you have Amy and Sam. Amy, who's working her way through college, has been pining over Sam for years.  Why? I really can't say. I made it only about 33% of the way through.. and what I learned is that Sam comforted Amy after some really big debate.


But apparently that was for naught, since Amy won a later debate that ended up destroying Sam's life. This book is big on histrionics, let me tell you.  Sam's father didn't take kindly to Sam losing and told him his only other option was Bible School.


REALLY? But okay, whatever. Sam, of course, turns his back on his father and his support, and lives rent free on his bandmate's couch.


The copy says he's become the living version of Magic Mike? BWAHAHAHAHA! He's not a stripper (unless the book takes a rather dire turn).. he's a homeless musician who camps out on the couch of his friends' apartment. 


Joe and Trevor - both friends and bandmates - are in a threesome with a girl named Darla.  And WOW, Amy sure has issues with Darla.. Whoo boy.  For not having seen or been in contact with Sam for 4 years, she sure acts possessive. So yeah. Throw in some SLUT SHAMING for the win.


This book sort of thumbs its nose at the word "nuance".. because god forbid people like subtlety or depth of any sort. This book has NONE.


This is what automatically clicking on the daily deals at Dear Author gets you. A HOT MESS. And I'm out a buck. Figure I could at least pass it on ;)