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Loving Cara - Kristen Proby

Not a fan of the writing. There's a long drawn out scene where the female MC tries to "motivate" or "scare straight" a smart kid by showing him what he has to look forward to if he doesn't get back on track with school.


He washes dishes for her uncle for a few hours. Earning minimum wage.  He files legal papers (which, as someone who has temped for various law firms around orange county - I gave this scene the hairy eyeball) for minimum wage.


And then the last part of his "education" is to be shown inside a prison cell by one of her police detective friends.


On one hand, I can understand trying to point out to kids that failing to obtain an education that's given freely (at least to them, taxpayers notwithstanding) - is very short sighted and can have long term potential consequences.


On the other, a lot of people that work those "minimum wage" jobs are educated people trying to make ends meet. This might be one of their 2nd or 3rd jobs. Or teenagers, getting their sea legs in the working world.  I find the view of looking down at those tasks as "lesser" as problematic.  Those jobs are needed. Presumably, some sort of work ethic is needed to accomplish whatever tasks they're assigned. They can teach you things you didn't think you needed to learn.


*hops off soapbox* This author isn't for me. C'est la vie.