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Wanted to like it more than I did...

Marked - 'Kit Rocha',  'Lauren Dane',  'Vivian Arend'

This book will undoubtedly get lots of love from plenty of reviewers and bloggers, but I felt a little "meh".



I love Kit Rocha's erotic romances. However, to me, this felt a little off.  Part of the beauty of Kit Rocha's writing is that she has solid characters with varying backgrounds and although you know a little bit about Noah and Emma - they're not as well developed as the rest of the cast. (IE: Dallas, Lex, Noelle, Jasper, Bren etc) I hate making it sound as if these two are an afterthought, but this story isn't as strong as I think it could've been. I liked it, but I didn't love it. 3.0


I'm not a huge fan of Vivien Arend's work although this novella worked the best for me out of the 3. Anna Coleman has to struggle between being with Mitch Thompson, and putting her best foot forward as a member of law enforcement. Nothing in Mitch's behavior would have me describing him as a bad boy, but people do often tend to base first impressions off looks, so it wasn't wholly unbelievable. Very sexy scenes as well - 3.5-4 stars


DNF'd the Lauren Dane story. My biggest issue with menages is I always think someone gets the short end of the stick. (Hardy har-har lol). I never believed in the pairing of Charlie and Summer - and though you get some explanation as to why Summer & Hatch split up...  the book lacks emotion, is heavy on the lust & sex scenes..  and as a result, I could not have cared less about any character.