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Sorry Mercy, you've been relegated to the library pile from now on.

Night Broken - Patricia Briggs

I *know* a great many people love Mercy Thompson, and for the about the first 4 books, I was totally on board.. 


Not so much now however. The last few have been fair to middling, and I was never sold on Adam as Mercy's choice. In this book however, he totally takes the cake and acts like big douche canoe and never sticks up for his wife against his ex. And lets the pack continue to harbor ill will towards his wife.  Because that will bode well for the future.


There was a big bad that Mercy did battle against, by herself - because that's how these books typically roll. Nothing out of character. There was an introduction to a new character that I liked.... but nothing really screamed WOW about this one. The relationship issues take up a fair portion of Night Broken.. and it's just become this "rinse, wash, & repeat" with Mercy fighting weird creatures and dealing with this moronic pack.



I will continue to read them because I like the world and the characters, but I'm not buying them anymore. Too much "sameness" to them.