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Entitlement and Perspective

Per Merriam-Webster : the condition of having a right to have, do, or get something.


I've seen this accusation thrown out in blogger land for quite some time.  Regarding ARCS. It’s a perk, a bonus, something I am glad to receive, but I don’t ever think it’s my *right* to receive one. Do I think I’m entitled to books just because I blog and review them? Well no, no I don’t. 




But I will admit that I started blogging several years ago because I lost my job, my income, and I thought it might be a way to get access to books that my library couldn’t or wouldn’t buy.  So there’s that, I guess.  I never realized that the friendships that I would come to have would mean a lot more than arcs that I receive – that everyday I’m in the company of strong, smart, and confident women (and a handful of men) – and that I’m a better person for knowing them.


With age comes the perspective (along with the downside of healing much slower from injury or illness lol) and the ability to look at things a lot differently than I would if I were a decade younger. (And yes, there’s lots of young people that are way ahead of me on this – but I never claimed to be quick or on the ball ;) )


Am I disappointed when I don’t get things I request? Sure. For about 10 minutes. Then the next new shiny comes along.  If I really want the book, I’ll buy it when it comes out.  If I’m on the fence, well I read reviews, then utilize ereader iq until the book goes on sale.  It’ll happen. Eventually.  I’ll send out extra arcs I’ve received (the paper kind, not e-arcs) or won to other bloggers or friends, because sharing is a wonderful thing. 


Will I say something on social media about being turned away or constantly denied? Sometimes I do. But as soon as I make the comment, that’s the end of it. I’ve had my say. There’s no need to harass the publishers or authors for doing what their business tells them to do.  Sometimes it seems like people take it personally, and honestly, I would hate to look at it like that. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  But life is way too damn short to build up a long line of resentment when there’s so many other things you could be doing.


/rant over. Philosophical me over &  out