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Predictability, in this case - is pretty fun!

Skin Game (The Dresden Files) - Jim Butcher

I had counted on going to the launch party that was in Redondo Beach to get my signed copy, but fell sick unfortunately :(


Thankfully, there's always the ebook.



I like Harry Dresden. Yeah, he can be sexist, and yes, it's usually over the top, non-stop action.. but that doesn't mean it doesn't contain warmth, humor, and heart.


All the characters from Michael and Molly Carpenter to Butters, and even Mouse the dog  have come a long way. They act true to form, no one ever undergoes a major personality transplant which is one of my complaints with long running series when they want to shake things up.


Harry is predictable in more ways than one. In some ways, this is rather comforting. And while I know the author has an endgame, at this stage, I have no freaking clue what it might be. It'll be tough to top some of the wizard's shenanigans at this point - and I can't wait.


I've gotten used to Harry being the lone wolf though at this point, it's odd and somewhat unsettling to see him trying to pair up with Murphy. It does make sense, after all they've been through - it just feels weird I suppose. Like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole (and NO, that's not a dirty sexual euphemism). To me they don't really fit. But c'est la vie. I've been a non believer before when it comes to pairings in books, I'm willing to be convinced that they'll be good together.