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It's In His Kiss - Jill Shalvis - NO NO NO NO NO NO

Ahem. Since Amazon and Hachette are still doing their thing, I can't bring up It's In His Kiss in the BookLikes search.


This is the book where I abandon Lucky Harbor forever.


It includes, but is not limited to:


Rape (though she doesn't actually come out and say it until close to the end, but it's inferred heavily throughout the book) No therapy, just keeping herself arm's length from men for 10 years. WTF? I've read this situation many times in a contemporary. WHY IS 10 THE MAGIC NUMBER?  No false starts - well ok then.


Man that won't commit or say I love you. Because yes, it's always the man.


These people are pretty damn well flawless - which means I'm snoozing my way through the text. There are some pretty contrived situations and for fuck's sake - it was like nails on a chalkboard.


Bonus: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results right?  Sam, you're a ding dong.


I can be somewhat forgiving when I'm presented with a clunky plot if I like the characters - but there's no depth, no logic, and no flaws.


*sets book on fire*