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I WANTED TO LOVE IT!! But ..........

Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews

I did not. *Cries* I feel like such a disloyal reader.  (and fan) But I bought the book at midnight, so it counts for something right?


I thought the beginning was slow, slow, and SLOW.  Took a long time to build up to what happened with Hugh and co.  I could see several things coming from a mile away and the predictability factor was bigger in this one than in previous books.


I loved that we finally got to know more about Ghastek.  Desandra was a hoot and a half, and I hope she has more to say in the upcoming books.


I'm torn about Roland. In a way it makes sense, the way things unfolded - but it seemed pretty anticlimactic, and the ending sure as hell didn't resolve things as it left everything up in the air. So I wasn't entirely satisfied with how the plot arc seemed to end. *shrug*


I love the humor in these books, it's one of the best parts of the series, and even that seemed to lack a real punch. Kate was Kate.. and she was awesome.. but Curran missed a pretty big chunk of the book. 



*dodges the tomatoes* I stayed up reading it til about 2:30 am.. and I was going to order a print version as well.. but now? I dunno.. I'll probably wait until mmpb :(